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Professional Experience


I started my career in 2008 as an entrepreneur, building and operating a non-profit aggregator based at Florida International University called The Daily Cause, which won the 2008 Global Entrepreneurship Challenge at FIU. That project earned me recognition from the FIU Business School and Entrepreneurship Center, and resulted in me to be selected to work as a consultant on a partnership project between FIU and an outside investor to raise over $600M. These entrepreneurial endeavors led me to launch Local 10 Card in Tampa Bay, a discount card and digital advertising firm targeting locally-owned businesses. Since then, I have served as a consultant and analyst for multiple startup companies, and I am currently starting an after-hours game development company with a few former colleagues.

Global Brand Manager

As the Global Brand Manager at Creative Play, I managed the entire social media and traditional marketing plans and strategies, served as the point of contact at 6 annual trade shows, and prepared decks, marketing materials, and demo procedures used in Business Development efforts. I worked directly with the VP of Sales in meetings with Amazon, Toys R Us, Wal Mart, Costco, Tesco, and Hobby consortia, resulting in $7M in revenue growth for the Room Raiders Line of RC Planes. I served as the project manager and product development coordinator for the development of the Room Raiders line, and then served as creative director and project manager for the TV Commercial and Website. When the company positioned itself for sale to Hasbro, I prepared all of the decks and materials used in the negotiations. My time at Creative Play exposed me to C-level responsibility, and left me with a very strong understanding of the toy industry, licensing, and Brand Management.

Business Analyst, Strategist, Project Manager

After Creative Play, I transitioned to a consulting role at Rokk3r Labs, which specializes in tech startups. In my capacity as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Strategist, I contributed to seven different startup companies, and prepared business plans for another five. Six of these companies have apps live in the app stores, and the seventh will be ready for release in early October. Specifically, I served as Jr. Project Manager on one application and lead Project Manager on two others, Growth Analyst on four projects, and Business Analyst/Strategist on five projects. My responsibilities on each of these projects varied, but consistently involved budget management, product development timeline management, resource procurement and allocation, UI/UX deliverable specification, documentation, and management, user research, all project-related communications, stakeholder meetings, tracking/intelligence/analytics requirement documentation, KPI tracking, and strategic planning for 1) testing 2) go to market 3) user acquisition and 4) fund raising. On some occasions, I was responsible for revenue modeling, product-market analysis, data architecture, and development of algorithms. My time at Rokk3r Labs was without a doubt the most challenging work I have done in my career, including starting my own companies, and I am excited to apply the knowledge and experience it afforded to my future endeavors.

Projects and Passions

My Writing

I have always had a passion for writing, and I have been doing it professionally since 2003, when I published my first strategy article. I have worked with juggernauts in the fields of Travel, Strategy Gaming, and Food Tourism (including TCGPlayer, Wizards of the Coast, Intrepid, Verge, F&T, to name a few) as a freelancer and ghost writer. In my spare time, I am often working on leisure pieces that I never plan to share with anyone. I have written something like 2,000 different pieces of poetry and short stories, and I'm currently working on a book on business theory, which I might actually try to publish. Academically, I plan to expand my research and begin to publish articles in the field of business education, entrepreneurship, company culture, and marketing.

Designing Games

Those who know me best know that I love to play games that are well-designed, like Magic, Chess, Power Grid, Cards Against Humanity, 2048, and various Blizzard games. I love solving puzzles, and games provide me with a tremendous outlet for that kind of mental stimulation.
I designed my first board game about 6 years ago, and I invented a slew of ball-based games during my days as a delinquent schoolkid. I recently found out that I like making games nearly as much as I like playing them (sometimes I even enjoy it more). Along with a friend, I have been working on a second board game and accompanying card game called Archaedeus for nearly a year and a half. We are working on funding the project (art and production) between now and the Spring of 2016, with hopes to release it next Summer. Simultaneously, I have been working with a few friends on a smart-phone-based RPG that is in its infancy, and I have finished design for a smart-phone-based puzzle game as well.

Life as a Contrivist

Another passion of mine is entrepreneurship, and to the extent to which it includes it, innovation and ideation. I love pulling together ideas, white papers, and business plans for companies, apps, and products that I think can add value to the world. In a way, entrepreneurship is about solving puzzles, and knowing when you've found the best solution to the puzzle is what separates the entrepreneurs from the wantrepreurs.
Entrepreneurship implies creative power, and as creative people will tell you, having the desire to bring something to life and lacking the tools to do so is extraordinarily frustrating. This lack of marriage is the main reason so many great ideas come and go, or why some people with the exact same ideas as others take off where peers fail. It's the focus of my research, and it's the problem that I think will take me the longest to solve.

Academically Speaking

Tying everything together is my educational path- a winding and neverending journey through the humanities and sciences. I like to think of myself as an inquisitive person when it comes to just about everything. I'm a recreational physicist and engineer- please tell me how and why things work the way they do. I studied Psychology with obsessive attention in high school, to the tune of a 60-page essay about obedience and conformity, stemming from a prior interest in the history of the Holocaust. Art History and Architecture drive my affinity for European travel, and sociology lends me the desire to explore the cultures and lifestyles that differ from my own. Mathematical algorithms and their use in game design encourage me to understand the intricacies of theoretical math, and push the bounds of my grasp of reality. Language, in the end, fascinates me. I love the ways in which language can shape an entire culture; how it limits the perceptions and governs the opinions of entire populations of people. If our ability to communicate is one of the distinct characteristics that makes us human, then the philosophy surrounding our natural inability to understand one another ought to be considered among the greatest mysteries of the evolved human mind.
My education will never cease; I aspire to learn something every day, and I strive to vary the sources and nature of that knowledge. I will pursue a PhD in this lifetime, the subject of which is up for debate. Cognitive bridge-building has already made me who I am, and I love to think about who it will make me in the future.

I am fortunate to have amazing people in my life.

If you're here to read about my travels and see the world through my lens, please return on 24 August, when I've had some time to rebuild my travel page.

My entire life has given me reason to smile, experiences to remember, and dreams to make real. When I was growing up, my mom constantly challenged me to be the best I could possibly be, and to strive to achieve every goal I set for myself. Both of my parents supported me (though in very different ways) and helped me grow personally into the man I am proud to be today. I consider myself a happy-go-lucky contrivist with a strong wanderlust and a passion for knowledge. My Italian heritage comes with a bit of pride, and a natural predisposition to cooking, art, architecture, and other humanities.

Miami offers a wonderfully multi-cultured living experience, a plethora of gastronomical pleasures, and a laid-back lifestyle that rivals its intense traffic and relentless heat. I feel quite at home here, though I also have a very strong affinity for Boston and Santa Barbara, and foresee myself living for extended periods of time in both cities later in life. Perhaps by the time I retire (at 40, like everyone wants to do) I will have the opportunity to enjoy calling those places and others home as my family grows.


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